Coquitlam dog falls ill after ingesting marijuana at popular dog park – BC


A Coquitlam woman is warning other dog owners after she says her chihuahua was poisoned by marijuana at a popular dog park.

Michelle Tuan says it happened Wednesday at Coquitlam’s Leigh Dog Park.

When they came home from the park, Tuan says, her dog, Dorito, was acting strange.

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“It wasn’t until I took him to the vet that she says, ‘Oh, it kinda sounds like he ingested some drugs,’ so they did a screen panel and he tested positive for THC.”

Tuan is now sending a warning to other dog owners.

“Maybe we need to start looking on the ground like we do in playgrounds for kids,” Tuan said, “looking to make sure there isn’t anything harmful or toxic in the dog parks now.”

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Tuan added that, in her opinion, legalizing marijuana may have been a contributing factor.

“I just think that maybe now that it’s legal, people don’t need to be as behind the scenes with their marijuana,” she said. “I think people might be a little more relaxed.”

As for Dorito, she says he is feeling better after getting lots of rest.

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