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With the legalization of marijuana kicking in at 12:01 am Wednesday, residents across Ontario will be able to order pot online. Along with this, they can also start growing legal plants in their home.

“There are a lot of simple solutions to set up a closet grow that are super safe,” said Jen McLean with 420 Kingston. “They are not fire hazards at all.”

After residents purchase seeds, they can grow up to four plants in their home. But there have been several claims that growing the plant can cause mould or even pose a fire risk. McLean says although there are numerous rumours, the reality is having a minimal number of them is not a problem.

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“Unless there is already mould in the environment, you don’t have to worry about extra mould being brought in,” said McLean. “Four plants is the equivalent of four house plants.”

The idea of growing pot has seen lots of push-back from a number of condo boards and landlords. Earlier this year, Homestead, a property management group in Kingston, said they would terminate leases if tenants grew the drug in their apartments. In a release sent out to residents in June, Homestead Land Holdings Ltd. said, “Such activity shall not be conducted at the rented premises or the residential complex.”

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McLean, who sells various options to help with the cultivation process, says they are just blowing smoke.

Kingston tenants threatened with lease termination if they grow pot post-legalization

“The tenant would be responsible for their electricity,” McLean said. “Second of all, there are energy efficient options on the market, like LED lights.”

She says there are several options that future growers have to be able to grow their plants safely in their home, without the issue of odour or mould.

“There is a very common product like a fully-enclosed tent,” McLean said. “This is waterproof and helps mitigate odour.”

“If you can add a house lamp in your living room, you can have an LED light that would grow four plants in your closet.”

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