Saskatchewan NDP call on Crown to up legal pot supply, warn of black market


The NDP Opposition is calling on the province to ensure there is enough legal marijuana to meet consumer demand in Saskatchewan.

Nicole Sarauer, the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority critic, says if the Crown corporation doesn’t take action more people will seek pot on the black market.

Only six marijuana stores were open on the first day of legalization in Saskatchewan out of the 51 that have permits.

Sask. cannabis prices among the highest in the country

Gene Makowsky, the minister responsible for the authority, says it is up to permit holders to obtain their supply and meet regulatory requirements.

He says the government is doing the best it can and noted that it should not be a surprise there are problems with the new system.

The Crown controls the supply and distribution of legal marijuana in Alberta, B.C., and Manitoba.

“We want to ensure that we’re doing everything we can to eliminate the black market as much as possible and that means making cannabis accessible to people,” Sarauer said.

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