Saskatoon police ‘inundated’ with cannabis questions ahead of legalization – Saskatoon


With five days before cannabis legalization, Saskatoon police took to Facebook and Twitter to answer people’s burning questions about marijuana.

Friday’s focus was on traffic and impaired driving related to cannabis use.

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“We’ve been inundated with questions so far this morning,” police spokesperson Kelsie Fraser said.

Some queries required input from police subject matter experts and officers are trying to trying to learn some of the answers themselves.

Fraser called it a “good learning process for everyone.”

“We may not have all the answers. We’re going to do our best to find them, but this is such a new thing to everybody,” Fraser said.

Questions included what the legal limit is for THC concentration – the answer is five nanograms, but Staff Sgt. Patrick Barbar said the wait time after using cannabis before driving varies.

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Factors include the potency of the THC in the cannabis, the dosage consumed and whether a person is an occasional or chronic user, he said.

“Your physiological traits can have an effect, so your size, your gender, your body-fat composition, your age – all that comes into play,” Barbar said.

Police plan to have another social media blitz on Oct. 16, focusing on provisions in the Criminal Code related to cannabis.

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