‘Treat it like alcohol’: Guelph police offer cannabis tips for drivers


Guelph police are offering up some cannabis-related tips when it comes to driving after charging a 28-year-old man from Waterloo Region on Monday night.

Police said officers could smell marijuana while speaking with the driver of a vehicle that was pulled over in the area of Gordon Street and Lowes Road just before midnight.

Guelph Police remind the public to be cautious with cannabis

“He was arrested and charged with impaired driving as well as having marijuana in a vehicle that was readily accessible,” said Const. Josh Fraser.

He added that the charge comes with a vehicle impoundment, a 90-day driver’s licence suspension, along with court and insurance fees.

Fraser said Guelph police recommend that drivers who use cannabis should treat it just like alcohol.

“Make alternative driving arrangements, so if you’re going to consume marijuana, don’t drive,” he said.

Guelph police do not yet have roadside screening devices to detect whether a driver is impaired.

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Fraser said officers can still lay charges based on their own observations.

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“In determining “impaired by drug,” it’s much like determining impaired by alcohol,” he said. “Police will speak with the driver and based on those observations, we can still make the conclusion that you are impaired by drug.”

Another tip from Guelph police is to put any cannabis products in the trunk while driving in order to avoid being charged with having marijuana in a vehicle that is readily accessible.

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